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What To Pack

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing the following items as they may be difficult/pricey to attain in Cuba:  Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Medications and OTC drugs, band aids, Ibuprofen, etc., CASH (CC and ATM machines are not yet readily available), Small gifts for kids and locals, depending on itinerary (for example, school supplies, small toys, candies, art supplies, band aids, Sunglasses, Hand sanitizer, Wash Cloths (not provided at most hotels), Tissue Paper (good to have your own at public restrooms)


Considering the more than often warm weather, as well as the cobblestone streets and hills, we recommend comfortable and lightweight clothing and shoes – . The style in Cuba for both men and women is to dress in colorful clothing, often displaying a confident and bold appearance. It is advisable that visitors bring cotton and similar type fabric clothing. It is recommended that fine woolen and gabardine clothing be brought for use during the winter months and for air-conditioned environments. During the rainy season, a light water proof jacket is recommended. More formal clothing is required for theaters, concert halls, nightclubs and formal venues.

Can we bring donations?

Donations in small amounts are acceptable while visiting Cuba. Bring limited quantities of small items because too many of one-single item may cause delays upon entry. If you plan to bring donations, please inform your tour leader and they will be able to advise you as to whom you can make the donations to.