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Requirements for Travel to Cuba

What documents do I need to travel to Cuba?

Passport, OFAC License and Visa (See 12 OFAC categories and Visa for more information on both), Health form and Custom Form filled out correctly and signed by the client accordingly.

Any other requirements I should be aware of? Tips?

  1. Keep your day-to-day activity itinerary to avoid any issues with US Government upon your return to the U.S.
  2. Keep a copy of your passport as a form of ID and leave your actual passport in a safety box in your hotel – you will only need it in Cuba if you need to exchange money/accept money wire transfers.
  3. Hold on to the second half-of your visa (Cuban customs will keep the other part) in case you are asked for it later (although it rarely happens).

Is there a departure tax on my return flight back to the U.S?

There is a Cuba departure tax but it is INCLUDED in the ticket price when purchased before you travel to Cuba.

I was born in Cuba,can I go and what kind of visa do I apply for?

Yes, you can go to Cuba. Cuba considers all people born in Cuba, regardless or current nationality to be Cuban citizens. You will need either a valid Cuban passport or HE-11 visa prior to entering Cuba if you were born in Cuba and left Cuba prior to December 31,1970. If you were born in Cuba and left Cuba after January 1,1971, you will need to obtain a Cuban passport regardless of holding US citizenship and a US passport. You don’t have the option of applying for an HE-11 visa.

If I have a Cuban passport, do I need to apply for a Visa?

No, if you have a valid passport with a habilitacion and valid prorroga, you won’t need to obtain a visa prior to entering Cuba. Your Cuban passport has a validity of six (6) years, but a prorroga must be obtained every two years in order to keep it valid until the expiration date.

What is a Prorroga?

A prorroga is a passsport extension and must be obtained every 2 years in order to keep your passport valid until the passport expires.

What is an Habilitacion?

A Habilitacion is an entry permit stamped on your Cuban passport for Cubans who have emigrated to the United States or to another country. A request for an habilitacion needs to be made only once for Cubans who have left Cuba to emigrate and for those who left Cuba for tourism or any other reason and have not returned to Cuba for at least 24 months.

Can I use my Global Entry benefits with my Cuba flight?

Yes, global entry may be utilized at all international terminals regardless of what country the traveller is coming from in Miami (Please note this doesn’t apply to airports in Cuba).

Do I have to arrive 4 hours prior to departure for check- in?

That is the time requested for international flights check in to avoid long lines and gates close 1 hour prior to departure.

Can I use my Advantage program membership when travelling to Cuba?

Yes, as we are flying commercial flights you can always have your advantage member number at hand at the moment of the check in at the counter before departure.