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Restaurant Recommendations/Dish Recommendations

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Is it safe to eat food from street vendors?

It is not recommendable to eat food from the street vendors due to hygiene reasons. However, local Havanatur guide/Tour Directors can recommend on site accordingly.

Common foods found in Cuba

Rice and beans, pork, chicken, seafood, fish and others. Good variety in general.

Is the water safe to drink in Cuba?

It is best to drink bottled water while in Cuba. You will find that both still and sparkling water are available. Water is purified in the hotels and restaurants, and it is ok to drink beverages with ice wherever we take you on the tour. It is also not necessary to use bottled water to brush your teeth, as the tap water has also been purified. Salads and fruits are also acceptable to eat at all included or recommended restaurants.

I am Vegan/Vegetarian/ Allergy-prone/ have special dietary needs. What is the best way to assure I will not ingest something I shouldn’t?

We recommend to advise the company in advance so all parties involved are conveniently informed on these dietary restrictions. Always remind the Tour Director/ Havanatur Guide to advise every restaurant on this issue.