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Exploring/Getting Around

Do I need a Cuba tour guide?

Not necessarily, but it is highly recommended as a tour guide can be very resourceful – A tour guide can provide cultural insight and help you navigate the island, as well as to assist you on any change of program or last minute issue while in Cuba.

Do I need a Tour Director to accompany me from the USA to Cuba and back?

Not necessarily, but to have a Tour Director service it can be an asset to the Cuba experience as they perform as the link between the company you are booking the trip with and the Cuban services provider to be able to guarantee the program is successfully accomplished. Our company can provide you with outstanding Tour Manager service if requested prior to your trip.

Time from Airport to hotel?

Depends on the location of your hotel. Typically from Havana Airport to Old Havana, it takes approximately 40 minutes via car.

Average pricing of Taxi/transfers

Depending on where you go, pricing varies. A typical one-way trip will range between $15 – $30. Transfers from one city to another is pricier and can be done through Viazul