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Electronics and Internet

Is there Internet access in Cuba?

Wi-Fi is not available throughout Cuba except at some hotels. Most hotels also have a business center with computer, with limited hours, where internet service is available. Charges can be up to 12 CUC per hour depending on the hotel. Because of the limited technology in Cuba, it is not uncommon to have internet outages. There are now certain Wi-Fi hot spots throughout public areas in Cuban cities where a card can be purchase for access.

Will my cell phone, smart phone or PDA device work in Cuba?

Generally, your U.S. cell phone, texting and smart phone-based Internet will not work in Cuba. Any phone calls may be placed from your guest room in each hotel. Inquire about rates before placing calls, as they are generally very expensive and must be paid for in cash. Also, please note that satellite phones as well as the physical GPS devices are not allowed in Cuba. This restriction doesn’t apply to the GPS on your cell phones as they won’t work while in Cuba.

What is the electric capability in Cuba?

Electric Current:
In Cuba we have the same Electric standards as in US: 110V, though it is common to find both 110 and 220 in the more modern hotels in Cuba. It is advisable to bring a converter, if your electronics are not travel-ready (105-240 V).

Outages: Though many hotels are well equipped, in Cuba it is possible to experience temporary power outages due to limited resources on the island. Though this seems to be happening less frequently in the past few years.