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Direct Flights to Cuba

We offer direct flights from Miami, Tampa and JFK to the various provinces of Cuba. From Miami we fly into 6 provinces (Havana, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba). From Tampa we fly twice a week to Havana and from New York’s JFK Airport to Havana every Tuesday. With more flights than any other charter company we are able to offer the most flexible schedule to our passengers.

Organization of Authorized Activities and Group Itineraries

Our tours are catered to groups under the General License category for People-to-People travel, outlined by the U.S. Treasury Department. Our goal is to facilitate the experience that only Cuba can offer through its culture, history, natural beauty and people.

Visa/Passport Application Assistance

We understand how confusing and cumbersome the visa and passport process can be. Our team has years of experience processing Cuban passports and prorrogas.


What you need to know. Tips for traveling to Cuba

  • All visitors must hold a valid passport in their name with a corresponding travel visa or travel card
  • The following are exempt from taxes: objects for personal use, personal jewelry, photographic or video cameras, sports items, fishing tackle, 2 bottles of spirits, one carton of cigarettes, and up to 10 kilos of medications.
  • Items that are prohibited in Cuba are narcotics and firearms, except for duly authorized hunting weapons.
  • In order to export works of art or antiques, the corresponding authorization should be sought from the National Register of Cultural Items of the Heritage Department in the Ministry of Culture.
  • It is advisable that visitors bring cotton and similar type fabric clothing. It is recommended that fine woolen and gabardine clothing be brought for use during the winter months and for air-conditioned environments. During the rainy season, a light water proof jacket is recommended. More formal clothing is required for theaters, concert halls, night clubs and formal venues.
  • Photos and video footage maybe freely taken, except in restricted and designated areas that are of a military nature. Museums have their own specific regulations.